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Designing Your Master Closet – Part 3: The Finishes

We have made it to step three of the “Designing Your Master Closet” series! We hope you have been enjoying this as much as we have. This week we are discussing one of the most important elements of designing your dream closet – the finishes! When you think about walking into this desired room, you of course think of what color you would love, so let’s discuss some options!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Just like all of the other white finishes in a home, a white closet looks nothing short of clean and modern. This finish choice looks exceptionally good with marble flooring (see our previous blog post on flooring) and white furniture. Having white finishes instantly makes the room a brighter spot, which is often needed for closet spaces.


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Some may be fearful to use this dark of wood but if there is a safe place to do it, your master closet is it! Ebony can make any space look luxurious and sleek. Relating back to our flooring post in this series, this would truly look great with any of the options! Whether you choose to do the marble, wood or carpet – any of these would look phenomenal.


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People fell in love with the idea of a grey kitchen and their opinion isn’t any different for this style closet! Similar to white, grey provides a clean and modern look. Grey walls will look great with a variety of carpet choices or wood floors! With some white elements, this color will pop even more.


Last but not least, we have wood finishes. We have narrowed it down to our two favorites in this category; light and chestnut wood. Which wood you choose depends solely on your taste, whether you prefer dark or light. Both of these options are substantial for a master closet and would both be a nice a finish for this area.

Light Wood

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

Next up – hardware! We are approaching the end of this series with some of the finishing touches. Check back in next week to see what some of our top hardware picks are!