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Designing Your Master Closet – Part 2: Bells and Whistles!

Welcome back! Now that we gave you all of our tips for how to choose the flooring that best suits you, we are back with the next step of building your dream master closet. Next up, bells and whistles! There is so much more you can do when it comes to building the storage in your closet, rather than just your basic pull out drawers for t-shirts or a hat rack. Here, we are talking about drawers for irons, spaces for purses, storage for ties and more!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take the extra step of a hectic morning when the shirt you plan to wear is suddenly wrinkled. Skip having to head to the laundry room with this pull out iron drawer. Having this add on makes for an easy solution to a sometimes tedious task. The best part of this idea is that you can decide on the size of the board; whether you want it to be minimal for smaller items or long for a pair of pants, either option is doable. This idea is completely customizable to your lifestyle.


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Although this photo displays mens’ dress shoes, this could also be useful for women shoes as well! If you are someone that does not appreciate the look of your shoes displayed on shelves or somewhere on the floor, consider this option. This type of drawer tucks away and looks like just another part of your closet. However, when you pull it out you have a large amount of extra storage for your shoe collection, saving space and maintaining appearance.


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I think it’s safe to say many women are guilty of this – too many purses! These are one of the harder items to store because they are bulky and all different sizes but now there is another approach. Adding in this type of shelving will help you not only organize your bags but also display them nicely! You can build this out based on the amount of bags you have.


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We love the idea of this pull out drawer that has individual spots for each tie. You can fold the ties in a way that they won’t get creases and you will be able to easily spot all of your different options and decide which one you want to wear that day. Another benefit of this? All of your ties can be displayed, while being able to tuck away when you no longer need to look at them.


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This is the perfect touch for males and females. Whether you need to store cuffs, jewelry, sunglasses, watches etc. this will accommodate you. For this add on, you can incorporate different size blocks for all of your accessories. Accessories are the type of items that can easily become unorganized and look disheveled. If you do this, it will it will eliminate that clutter.

Coming up next week – finishes! We will walk you through all of the different finishes that you could use in your master closet.