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Design Experts Part 2

Last week, we shared design tips for 2019 from two of our all time favorite designers. Now, we’re back with even more! How fortunate are we to have so many fabulous interior design experts located right in our neighborhoods?

Let’s check in and see what tips they have for us to make our homes that much more fabulous.

Jenn Gallo – A Madison Design

Speaking from direct experience with Jenn, her vision, balance of scale and attention to detail helps create a space for all to love. I have sold many of the houses decorated by Jenn and not only did we get multiple offers, but every broker and buyer wanted to know who this uber- talented interior designer was.

1. Wallpaper, wallpaper and more wallpaper! This trend is not going anywhere this year.

Photo Credit: The Decorista

“Wallpaper on the walls and ceilings will continue to have a heavy presence throughout peoples homes. Rich, bold colors and vibrant prints will make an impact everywhere from family rooms to bathrooms” designer Jennifer Gallo told us.

2. Plumbing and hardware finishes will be switching things up a bit. Throughout this year, Jenn said she will be expecting more matte black finishes in different areas of the house. Brass will also begin to not only show up in bathrooms but also in kitchens, which will create an aesthetic you can’t help but obsess over!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Keeping the house clean…even with kids. An ongoing concern with families who want to design their perfect home is managing that with children.

Jenn told us, “From cleanable fabrics to washable rugs, a key feature being sought out is practicality. Even those without children like the option of being able to use a product without having to ‘babysit’ those chosen elements.”

Photo Credit: A Madison Design

People who are interested in obtaining this look could invest in using vinyl on the seat of a dining chair in the kitchen. With updated options for vinyl, you can select a textured vinyl that looks similar to something like linen.

4. What used to be highly expensive and more of an investment for your home is now considered reasonable and affordable. Statement lighting will continue to be a trend throughout 2019 to enhance the look of people’s homes.

“In addition, many dealers have copied very high end designers and created a ‘look for less’. Many of these options are identical to their more costly cousins and would be hard to differentiate in a side by side comparison” Jenn said.

Photo Credit: Copy Cat Chic

With social media being almost everyone’s favorite go-to, design ideas have become even more attainable. Sort through different accounts that offer new design ideas and most certainly pop by some of our favorite designers’ (and in our opinion, some of the best) pages to get some major home inspiration.

Laura Melsheimer and Blake Maroon – Wanderlust Interiors 

Located in the Boston area and newly in New York, Laura and Blake are expanding their territories and it’s for a good reason! This dynamic duo knows what is up and coming in the design world and always seem to be a step ahead. Lucky for you (and us), they’ve shared some new ideas for 2019.

The dream of having an all white kitchen is now getting changed up a bit.

Partners Laura and Blake filled us in, “A combination of white and a darker color for the cabinetry with some natural wood sections is definitely trending for 2019. This combination is more interesting and evokes a feeling of warmth.”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another bold change that is happening in the design world is on the color side of things. Before, many people played it safe with warm, pastel colors and now people are steering away from that.

“We are also seeing less interest in pastel color ways and more of a focus on rich, deep colors for walls and overall room schemes. Clients are also more willing to use rich colors or wallpaper on all four walls as opposed to just one accent wall to achieve dramatic effect” Laura and Blake explained.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Flynn

Jenn, Laura and Blake; we so very much appreciate your fantastic advice on what we can add to make our spaces more chic, expressive and enjoyable. Give these fabulous ladies a follow on instagram and never miss a beat in decor @Wlustinteriors.