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Compass Concierge

One of the many benefits that Compass has to offer is Concierge services. With Compass Concierge, you can get your house ready to sell faster, without the added stress. With vendors ranging from painting to flooring, there is not a spot of your home that cannot be taken care of. Concierge services not only take the stress off of you while preparing to list your home, but also makes for a faster sale for more money!

Easy Application Process & Quick Approval –

With a quick five minutes of your time, you can easily apply for this! All that is required is a short application. The best part? If you are an eligible seller, you will know right then if you are pre-approved. Once pre-approved, sellers will choose their preferred payment method, Debit Card or ACH. From there, your agent will take care of the rest.

No Impacted Credit –

Because this is a soft credit pull, this application should not show on your credit report (except for you to see). Many people feel worried while filling out a credit application, however there is no need for that with Compass Concierge. This is another great benefit that sets Compass apart.

No Upfront Cost, Interest or Hidden Fees –

This is what makes Compass Concierge stand out the most! There are absolutely no hidden fees or interest. This is especially great because there is no initial cost, which takes off any additional stress that you may be feeling during the beginning of this process. The only task that is asked of you is that you notify Notable one to two weeks before closing.

No Shopping Limitations –

Whether you need the funds for something along the lines of stagers and painting or to pick up some home needs from Home Depot, there is no limitation to the changes needed to make your home fully optimized. The only limitation is that the card must be used strictly for home improvement, along with goods and services.

Dedicated Support –

During this time you will have the complete support of Compass behind you. Compass takes pride in helping their sellers truly prepare for getting their house on the market. Your agent will do anything in their power to ensure this is a smooth process.

Faster Sell –

Because you are able to have unlimited access to resources for your home, we can guarantee you will get it on and off the market faster.