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Coffee Anyone?

People are taking the average at home coffee appliances and kicking it up a notch! Something that is becoming more popular is the desire for a designated coffee station in homes. In fact, this is not only desirable in just the kitchen but also other locations in the house. We have put together a list of some of our favorite ideas for all of the fellow coffee lovers out there!

Master Suite

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This is the newest trend that is happening now. People are adding onto their master suites in a whole new way with a coffee station and we can’t blame them! The luxury of waking up and just having to walk a few steps to make your first cup of the day is certainly something to love.


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There is now the option to add a coffee machine in your refrigerator! Instead of just filtered waters, make your favorite cup of coffee instantly with the push of a button. You can also set a schedule for your coffee to be ready to brew whenever you desire, perfect for early, busy mornings.

Faucet Dispenser 

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Although this is a more expensive option, it is certainly one of the most interesting ones as well. Similar to a sink, under the cabinet will hold the hardware for this device and coming out of the counter will be the actual nozzle to pour your serving.

Built-in Cabinet

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If you are someone who wants their counters cleared off with very minimal on display, this would be the perfect fit for you. Transform a section of cabinets in your house to an area where you put your coffee appliances, coffee of choice, mugs and more! You can even put the coffee machine on a pull-out drawer, so it is more user friendly.

Kitchen Wall

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Those that have large kitchens with extra space can take advantage of this idea. Transform one wall and decorate it with all of your coffee essentials. Ideal for more than just one coffee machine; you can store an Espresso maker, French Press and Keurig. Typically, this will be an open display, so you can style it with your favorite mugs and coffee extras.

Butler’s Pantry

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Many people design their Butler’s Pantry to serve as a wet bar display, but it can also be a fabulous spot for a coffee bar. If you have shelving above the countertop, store some cups, glasses etc. and use the counter space to make your coffee. It is also a great idea to purchase some attractive containers to keep sugar and other toppings next to the machine for style.


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If you do not have a Butler’s Pantry in your home, designate a spot in your pantry as the coffee station. This option is great if you want to keep it out of the way and not necessarily in guests’ view. Whether you keep this confined or expand into a larger area, putting a coffee bar in your pantry is an excellent option.

Coffee Cart

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Although this is not necessarily all new of an idea, it is becoming even more popular. Find a cart that you find visually appealing and store it anywhere you decide! Whether it be in the living room, kitchen or master bedroom, this will add a stylish touch to any home decor.