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Holiday Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list (and staying on budget) during the holidays can be stressful. Avoid internet shopping and check out these gift ideas for everyone on your list. Even better, there’s no need to make a l...

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Setting the Thanksgiving Table

The holiday season can feel like a whirlwind, and it all starts with the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Forget the rules about polishing silver and setting place cards - the key to a perfect Thanksgiving is setting a table that reflects your unique...

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7 Ways to Greet your New Neighbors

You’ve noticed the moving trucks parked next door, so you know new neighbors are officially moving in. Welcoming this new family is not only a kind gesture, but a good way to build stronger relationships for your entire neighborhood community...

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5 Ways to Brighten up Your Home this Fall

With vibrant, burnt-hued leaves and a faint chill in the air, Autumn is the perfect time to transform your home into a cozy retreat! Sunny up your spaces with these five easy design touches.   Add mirrors in different shapes and si...

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Wellesley

Wellesley might be only 12 miles outside of Boston, but with its Colonial architecture and quintessential New England charm it feels worlds away from the city bustle. Here you’ll find sidewalk-lined streets, plenty of open space and easy acce...

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Weston

It’s almost fall in Weston! As the leaves transition into a vibrant kaleidoscope of oranges and yellows, it’s a perfect time to reflect on why Weston is an amazing place to call home. But the fall foliage isn’t the only reason to move to ...

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Your offer has been accepted! What’s next?

You’ve gone on copious open house tours, found the home of your dreams, and finally your offer has been accepted! But wait, what are you supposed to do now? While a real estate agent can help walk you through the next steps, it’s important ...

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The Many Examples of American Colonial Architecture

As you wander through our beautiful area, one thing is abundantly clear – we know how to build phenomenal colonial homes. Of all the different styles of home architecture, none are probably as enduring as the classic American colonial. With i...

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What Millennials Want (In a Home)

Millennials might be known for their obsession with avocado toasts and pricey lattes, but they are more similar to older generations than people might expect – especially when it comes to buying a home. According to a 2016 study from the Nati...

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