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Bedrooms So Cool Even Your Teen Will Like Them!

Decorating your teen’s bedroom is no easy task. Luckily, we have gathered some of the best tips and tricks to deck it out in the best way! Starting with a desk in their closet and a day bed to lounge on, these ideas are sure to be “cool” to any teenager.

Closet Desk –

Photo Credit: HGTV

If a room has an extra closet, save some space within the room and transform that into a closet. This is the best option for someone who has a teen that has extra closets and does not need that additional area but would like more space throughout their room. You can remove the closet door and place the desk inside. With the way that the desk fits, you can still have useful drawers and a lot of space. Add a chair that your teen loves and suddenly their homework spot has become their new favorite hangout space!


Loft Bed –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You definitely cannot go wrong with a loft bed. The best part about this idea? When you create a loft bed, you now have available space underneath! There are endless opportunities on what you use this for. If you decide to not use the idea of putting a desk in the closet, you can add one under there, which is a great tucked away spot. You can also make this an additional, cozy area, with pillows and blankets for sleepovers and hangouts.

Hanging Chair –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

One of the hottest trends for teenagers right now is hanging chairs. There are many different ways you can incorporate this trend into your teens room. Whether you want something that is in the corner and discreet or a more prominent statement, the options are endless. It makes the room look more geometrically interesting and allows for a cool hangout.

Fun Wallpaper –

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Brighten up their room with wonderful wallpaper. When choosing your wallpaper, you can decide whether you want a bold pattern or a more simple color. This idea is so fabulous because it really does allow for your child to express themselves and show their personality.


Day Bed – 

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This is especially a great idea for those who have a child who is a bookworm! This spot is perfect to cuddle up in with a good book. They can also spend sometime coloring with friends or playing cards. A small place that can make a big difference in their room!