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Adrian, Carl, Ray, and Youk | A Quick Thank You

Let’s face it, New England loves its sports. Nothing gets us more excited as a community than a big win for the hometown team. We love Fenway from the franks to the Green Monster, and we love our TD Garden from the parquet floors to those banners hanging from the ceiling. A love of sports is nearly synonymous with a love of Boston.  We get to know the players and throw their nicknames around in conversation, as though we’re referring to  our very own friends. As New Englanders, we get behind our teams in good times and in bad, and although we may have our favorites, we root for each of our players to excel. When big trades occur that affect our New England teams, it takes our communities some time to digest the news. Whether you’re in favor of, or opposed to a particular trade one thing is for sure, headlines will be made. Recent New England trades are no exception.

With that said, having let the dust of recent trades in the sports world settle, I found it appropriate to thank four of the following Wellesley/Weston residents for their years of service to their respective New England Sports teams and local community. Kevin Youkilis, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford of the Boston Red Sox, and Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics, we wish you the best of luck in your careers, it’s certainly been fun to watch. You’ll be missed around town!