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A Good Book and a Reading Nook

Everybody could use a cozy place where you can curl up with your favorite book and unwind. Well, if you have not yet thought about adding a reading nook into your home, maybe it is time to. When choosing the style nook you want, there are of course the traditional ones that you come across more often. However, there are also many other creative ways that you can integrate a reading nook into your home. Depending on your taste, you can do more of a statement or on the other hand, something tucked away and unseen.

Below, we have put together some of our favorite ideas for unique reading nooks!

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Tucked Under the Stairs –

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This little tucked away spot is the perfect place to get away and have a bit of time to relax. Even if you are not looking to add in a bench and would like a bit easier of a task, just toss in some pillows for comfort and baskets for books. This is a great space for all ages and allows for some quiet time, which we could all use from time to time!

Story time Spot  –

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 Bedtime stories are such a monumental part of childhood but why limit it to just night-time? Creating a space like this will ensure that your child will fall in love with reading. Regardless of their age, this is a spectacular idea to get them into the zone of reading and that will be a simpler task with a space they will enjoy! Add some sort of cushion, a few stuffed animals and many books and there is no question that they will love spending time here.

A Dreamy Bench –

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Having a bench to lounge on well reading makes a nook that much better! Our favorite part about this idea is that you can choose any pattern you like for the cushions for the bench. Complete this look with some fabulous pillows and you have yourself a custom reading nook bench that fits right in with your style. There is also the opportunity to add some shelving, similar to the photo above, to store your favorite books around the bench.

A cozy Chair –

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If you do not want to add an actual nook area into your home, you can still create a designated area in your home for reading / relaxing purposes. Specifically, adding a cozy chair into a quaint corner will give you exactly what you are looking for. Find the perfect light and a small side table and this whole area will transform. Extra bonus – add a bookshelf nearby for storage!


With a View –

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Can you imagine grabbing a great read, sitting comfortably on a cushioned bench, while looking out the window to a glorious day? Well, that is exactly what you could have with this idea! Find a window in your home that gives you access to a view you love. Every time you are reading, you can take a few minutes to enjoy the view in your new favorite spot!