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7 Ways to Greet your New Neighbors

You’ve noticed the moving trucks parked next door, so you know new neighbors are officially moving in. Welcoming this new family is not only a kind gesture, but a good way to build stronger relationships for your entire neighborhood community. Here are seven ways you can welcome your new neighbors.

1. Knock on their door and say hello

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As you can probably remember, moving day can be chaotic. Wait a day or two and then pop over for a simple “hello.” When you introduce yourself keep in mind that your new neighbors are probably still a little frazzled, so try to keep the conversation short. Focus on introducing yourself and letting them know that you’re happy to have them as part of your community.

2. Put together a welcome kit with information on restaurants, shops, salons, theaters etc.

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Sometimes we forgot how the most basic staples get lost in the chaos of moving. Make the transition smoother for your new neighbors with a simple welcome kit. From local takeout menus to a list of nearby shops, this kit is a great way to help them navigate their new community.

3. Throw a dinner party for them, and invite a few of the other neighbors

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After a week or so invite your new neighbors over for a dinner party. You might even consider inviting over other couples from the neighborhood. This informal setting is a casual (and delicious) way to let your new neighbors get to know their community and find common interests. As an added kind gesture, ask if they have a favorite dish from their former community.

4. Throw a block party for the kids to meet

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Do the children in your neighborhood play together? If so, bring them all together by throwing a neighborhood-wide block party. This will help to minimize the pressure on the kids, who will no doubt be nervous about their new neighborhood, while also giving them a chance to make new friends and getting to know their potential classmates.

5. Bake a pie and leave it on their door with a note

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Despite how long you wait, sometimes new neighbors just need more time to unpack and settle into their new home. Rather than feeling like you’re intruding, and potentially giving the wrong impression, leave a homemade pie and a note. It’s a simple yet beautiful gesture that leaves the door open for future opportunities to get to know one another.

6. Connect your new neighbor with any babysitters, service people, contractors or handy people you use

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If you don’t have a neighborhood guide for local services, this is the perfect excuse to put one together. Even better, laminate or glue the information on a magnet that your new neighbors can keep safe for the future. You can even highlight the local services you use most often that have your stamp of approval.

7. Host your book club and invite your new neighbors to join

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Are you part of a book club? Invite your new neighbors to join you at your next meeting. Even if they probably haven’t read the book, they will appreciate the warm invitation and will know that they’re welcome to join in the future. Who knows, maybe they’ll even have a good suggestion for the next book selection.