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6 Items Every Stylish Couple has in their Home

Creating a home can be an exciting (and stressful) opportunity to try and meld both you and your significant other’s taste. Here are six stylish design elements every couple needs in their home.

1. Well-curated bookcases

Image: Pinterest

Walls are a canvas, and a well-curated bookcase is the design statement you need. Whether your bookshelf is overflowing with first-editions or lined with artwork, your bookshelf can provide the perfect snapshot of your home.

The most important thing to remember is to create balance with the items on your bookshelf. When you let color and size be your guide, you can create a balance that allows your bookcase to look well-stocked without appearing too cluttered.

2. Fabulous bar

Image: Ferrari Interiors

If you’re going to invite people into your home, of course you need a fabulous bar for entertaining. Whether you want to recreate a fun night on the town or a more intimate bistro, you can create a bar that’s entirely your own.

If you choose to incorporate your bar into your larger design theme, remember that special touches – such as pops of color and accents – can make for an eye-catching design element.

3. Vintage leather chair

Image: Oaksmith Interiors

Forget your previous conceptions, a beautiful vintage leather chair isn’t like your grandfather’s recliner. A vintage leather chair, whether an accent or armchair, you’ll find a variety of styles to suit your space.

This trend is all about finding a balance between classic rustic pieces and contemporary touches. If you find the right balance your chair can go from “Littlehouse on the Prairie” to HGTV-approved.

4. Dramatic dining room chandelier

Image: HGTV

You don’t need to venture out to a five-star restaurant to have a fine dining experience. A dramatic dining room chandelier elevates your dining space into an elegant and inviting space.

Even better, now you have plenty of options besides more traditional crystal. Edison light bulbs, tree branches, or geometric weave, elegant dining drama comes in many forms

5. Beautiful fresh flowers

Image: Pinterest

Equally as important as colors and textures, a flower arrangement can add surprising elegance to any space. Whether you choose a lush greenery display for the entry way or a more delicate arrangement for your dining room table, a well-made flower arrangement can pick up on the color tones and accents already existing in your space.

It might seem frivolous to have fresh flowers, but you’ll be surprised by how this simple touch can brighten your living space – and maybe even your mood.

6. Drop-dead foyer

Image: House beautiful

You know what they say about first impressions. Even if it’s a space that you spend minimal time in, you want your foyer to engage and wow your guests. Whether you prefer bold colors or textures on your walls or a more subdued, minimalist sconce, your entry way can set the tone for your space.

Looking for a more inexpensive design touch for your foyer? Never underestimate the effect of dimmers. One of the least-expensive lighting fixes for any home, this small change can completely transform the appearance and feeling of your entry.