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6 Essentials for a Great Beach House

With summer (finally) officially underway, now is the perfect time to plan your family’s beach trip. Before you load the car down with all of your beach supplies, how can you make sure you are prepared to enjoy every moment of your beach escape?

Start by making sure your beach house is prepared with all of the essentials you need to make the most of your sand-filled vacation. From the irresistible snacks to the comfortable outdoor space, here are the six essentials you need to create the perfect beach abode.

1. Provisions

Image: Architectural Digest

What’s a beach vacation without the perfect snacks? Make sure your fridge and pantry are filled with everyone’s favorite provisions. Trying to remember everyone’s requested snacks is a hassle. Save yourself time by creating a daily “snack pack” checklist!

But it wouldn’t be a vacation without some delicious takeout. Check out your local grocery store for carryout menus that are sure to please everyone’s taste.

2. Kitchen Essentials

Image: House Beautiful

Trying to whip up family meals in an under resourced kitchen can feel impossible. If you have room to pack a few kitchen essentials, you are sure to save yourself a meal prep headache. Keep yourself from over packing by creating a meal-prep plan.

Whether you’re planning on daily smoothies or a lobster feast, there are a couple of kitchen gadgets that are must-haves:

– Coffee maker
– Lobster pot
– Blender
– Large Frying pan

3. Rainy Day Activities

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Even the best vacations are bound to have some rainy days. Don’t let a little inclement weather ruin your vacation. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, you can enjoy a full day of the best shows and movies. Keep the squabbles over what to watch to a minimum by adding your family’s favorite titles right to your watch list ahead of time.

Looking for summer reading inspiration? Check out these must-read recommendations. From the hilarious to the heartbreaking, these standout fiction selections are sure to keep you turning the page.

4. Electronics


So you’re already thinking about packing your iPad, iPhone, and Kindle for your long beach weekend? Take a minute to assess which electronics you actually need. Having the chance to unplug will help you to be more present in the moment and enjoy all of your “real life” experiences.

If you’re not quite ready to cut the cord, focus on bringing devices that will tune in to can’t-miss moments. Instant print cameras, like the Fuji Instax, allow you to shoot beautiful pictures and make beautiful color prints right on the spot.

5. Comfy Guest Room


It doesn’t matter if your guests are coming from across town or halfway around the world, you want your beach house guest room to feel like the perfect retreat. Be the “host with the most” by providing your guests with all of the beach must-haves. Make sure supplies, like towels and linens, are fully stocked and out in the open.

Nothing makes guests feel more welcome than a small selection of beach goodies. Fill up a basket with a few beach essentials, like sunscreen and hair bands, whatever your guests might need.

6. Great Outdoor Space

Image: Pinterest

Everyone enjoys time spent outside, whether it’s sipping on a morning cup of coffee or taking a peaceful afternoon nap. However much time you plan to spend outside, take time to consider how you can create a space that is the most functional and comfortable for your needs.

Ultimately, it’s the little details that will make a memorable space. The small light accents, woven rugs and patterned throw pillows, all of it comes together to create your perfect beach escape. Want to step up your outdoor space even more? Install an outdoor shower for an additional elegant touch.