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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready For The Spring Market

springIt may not feel like (or actually be) Spring yet, with incredible amounts of snow surrounding our homes, but in the real estate world the Spring market has begun. We refer to only two seasons when we talk about real estate. The Winter months starting in January, and the Summer months, all get pulled into what is referred to as the Spring Market and then September through December is referred to as the Fall Market. It has been a slow start this year, due to multiple snowstorms and ice dams. This past week, however, has shown strong signs that the Spring Market is ready to take off! More properties have come on the market, more properties have gone under agreement, the high-end market has seen great activity and sales and open houses are getting busy again. The excitement is back and we are all ready to move on from this tough Winter. We thought this was a good time to write a post about preparing your home for the market. Buyers are ready and waiting for more inventory, so freshen up your house with some inexpensive fixes to bring your home to the next level.

1. De-clutter – Start packing now. People do not want to go into your home and see too much stuff! If you have a room that has too much furniture, get an offsite storage unit and move the excess there. You want your home to look light and breezy. That goes the same for closets, basement and garage – move out what you don’t need.

2. Spring Clean – Once you clean all of that out, take the time to deep clean your home. That includes washing the windows, steam cleaning carpets, changing filters, cleaning tile grout and using a magic eraser to clean up marks on your walls. If you have a room that needs painting, do it now. You want to make a great first impression!

3. Color coordinate your home – Walk into your home like it was your first time. Would you want to buy it? Make the rooms look like they were designed by a professional. Do the toss pillows work with the carpet and the drapes? How about the duvet cover and pillows? If necessary, invest in new pillow inserts or purchase new toss pillows altogether. If your home looks fresh and new and has a great design flow from room to room, buyers are more likely to feel that they could move right in.

4. Curb Appeal – How does your home look from the street? Of course most yards are still covered in snow, but try putting out some nice planters and filling them with welcoming seasonal plants. Does your front door need a fresh coat of paint? Is your door knocker or mailbox in need of replacement? Consider the back yard as well, clean off decks, patios and porches and, as weather permits, set up the outdoor furniture.

5. Be Realistic About Price – If you price your home reasonably right from the start, it is more likely to sell quicker and for the highest price. Pricing a home too high at the outset will deter some buyers from even looking and your home will sit on the market longer than it should.

Do what you can to show that you take pride not only on the inside of your home, but on the outside as well.