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5 Ways to Make your Home the Hip Hang-Out Spot

No one wants to spend time in a home they feel is uninviting – especially teenagers. But as your children begin to spend more time with their friends, you’re probably wondering how you can make your house the go-to hangout spot. Here are five easy ways to make your house more teen-friendly.

1. Provide a variety of activities


Nothing will grate a parent’s nerves more than the phrase, “I’m bored.” Whatever your child’s preference, having on-hand activities can save your teenager and his friends hours of the never ending “whatever you want to do” game. Options like a pool table or ping pong can provide bored teenagers with hours of entertainment.

2. Keep dining casual


If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that your teen and his friends are going to want to eat – a lot. To make things easier on both you and your teen, try keeping mealtimes relaxed. Whether it’s a casual backyard BBQ or something more al-fresco, a step away from a more formal setting opens up opportunities for easy-going conversation and hour-long hangouts.

3. Give them space to unleash their talents


Yes, the constant thud of drums might drive you a little crazy, but you want your home to feel like a space where your teen can hone and freely improve his talents. Whether it’s an open invite for band practice or setting aside time to listen in on their practices, your teen is more likely to invite his friends over if he feels like it is a judgment-free, noise-approved zone. Still not ready to deal with the noise? Create a semi-soundproof room by adding soft furniture, plush rugs, and thick curtains.

4. Have snack food easy and accessible

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If there’s one thing that can get a teenager’s attention, it’s snacks. Whether it’s a quick after school nosh or late night, your pantry can quickly become the most popular stop in your home.
But don’t feel pressured to stock up on chips or ramen noodles. Pizzas, muffins, even snacks that require some assembly can prove to be the ultimate teen magnet.

5. Set boundaries

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Everyone knows that teens are a tough audience to entertain. No matter how you choose to make your home hip, it’s important you set clear boundaries. Ultimately, you want to create a house that’s teen-friendly, but also where parents know their teens are safe.