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5 Ways to Brighten up Your Home this Fall

With vibrant, burnt-hued leaves and a faint chill in the air, Autumn is the perfect time to transform your home into a cozy retreat! Sunny up your spaces with these five easy design touches.


  1. Add mirrors in different shapes and sizes

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As the days grow shorter, you want to make the most of the limited hours of sunlight. Strategically hung mirrors of varying sizes instantly bring sunlight into even the darkest entryways. As a bonus, mirrors help to make even smaller spaces grander.


  1. Paint walls and ceilings matte white and limit accent colors

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During the summer months, you probably rely on beach-inspired blue and green tones to create summery spaces. As cool weather approaches, swap out those bright colors for matte white. This clean slate, with limited accent colors, adds a calm color palette while also lending a natural warmth to the space.


  1. Change dark window treatments to neutral palettes

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It’s time to swap out your dark, dramatic window treatments and bring out more neutral tones. In addition to adding airiness to your spaces, lighter window treatments help your home feel larger, as well as brighter, even when the temperatures drop.


  1. Enhance your lighting

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Keep the seasonal blues at bay by making the most of your interior lighting. It might sound obvious, but with the flip of a switch a lamp can take your home instantly from dreary to cozy. Whether you’re shopping for a floor lamp or a statement-making ceiling light, you can bring light into every corner of your home.


  1. Clean your windows

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By this point, you’ve probably caught onto the importance of bringing in light to make your space welcoming on even the most bitter day. That’s why you don’t want arguably the greatest asset of your home, your windows, to be wasted. Maximize your light exposure by giving them a thorough cleaning!