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5 Easy Ways to Keep a Clean House

Even when you feel like your home is in the cleanest condition it can be, it always seems so easy to destroy. However, if you take just a few minutes every day to switch up a short list of tasks to do differently, you will find that keeping your house maintained is actually nothing to sweat about! Check out the list of simple tasks that will help you keep your home up to your standards.

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Charging Station 

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Just the look of cords scattered everywhere can make any space look significantly more cluttered than it needs to. That is why we love the idea of having a charging or electronics station somewhere in your home. If you are someone who tends to charge their phone, iPAD etc. in the kitchen, maybe sacrifice one of your drawers to keep this organized. On the contrary, if you see yourself taking up more space in the living room with tangled cords, incorporate something into your side table. Not only does this solve the frustration of tangled cords, it also keeps your counters clear!

Nightly 15 minute clean up

If you take time nightly to quickly tidy up in your home, you will be guaranteed to wake up to a clean space, automatically gearing your towards a productive day. Now, we are not talking about scrubbing the floors before bed, but rather some quick last minute tasks before bed. For example, every night skim through your house and pick up anything that does not belong on the floor. Add articles of laundry to the hamper and pick up any toys that are disordering your floors. If you notice any sort of crumbs or dust, quickly sweep through the floors to avoid any additional mess.

Organize mail

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Having a designated area for your daily mail can make a significant difference in your home. Mail and miscellaneous papers can so quickly pile up on your counters and look sloppy. However, if you have a specific spot in your home, you will be more inclined to notice when it is piling up and time to sort out. With this allocated area, you can also sort your paperwork / mail more efficiently by date and purpose. This is also a great system for when children come home from school with multiple papers and you need a spot to place them until having time to review.

Keep the dishwasher unloaded

Although it seems like something small, it can truly make a big difference. If you are running around and trying to clean up your kitchen at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is unload your dishwasher. With this routine, you can ensure that any time at the end of the day when you need to quickly clean up, this will not slow you down. A tip that many people choose to follow is – load the dishwasher at night, run it and unload first thing in the morning so that it is complete before you even begin the day.

Clear counters

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Although we are sure that you hear this often, there are not many things that will make you feel like your house is more organized than having completely cleared counters. Although we do know that is is easier said than done, but try to limit the amount of clutter you keep there. If you choose to have appliances on your counter, make sure that it is very few and the ones that you use most often (to avoid having to put it away after each use, resulting in more work).

We hope that these tips help you tidy up things a bit and keep your home looking as fabulous as ever!