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5 Bar Ideas For Your Home

You may have been thinking that you would like to create a bar in your home but not exactly sure how to get started or what direction you would like to go. We have put together a few different ideas that will work for whatever your style may be. Whether you are interested in something modern or a little bit more traditional, there is something you are sure to fall in love with. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Modern Home Bar –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We love how modern and up-to-date this bar is! With the slim granite bar and open cabinets in the background, this is a very sleek look. You can play with this idea multiple different ways, changing the color of the counter or the barstools to make it the exact look you want. You can go in the direction of all white or even completely black, any color choice will work on a modern home bar.

Wet Bar –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is something that is more common but is truly a good staple. The basic wet bar is perfect if you are someone who hosts often. It allows for easy entertaining because it is typically on the floor of your kitchen and dining room. You can add a mini refrigerator to stock with cold beverages and shelving above for your glasses.

Built-in Bar –

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If you have a space in your home that allows for it, a built-in bar is a great way to fit a bar in your home, while looking visually appealing. This is especially great when hosting company. It is a set area that you can designate for guests to socialize around, while having everything you need for your cocktail area in one space.

Bar Cart –

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Although classic, this is still a great option. This idea is best for someone who does not want to take up a large amount of space with a bar but would still like a touch of fun. Find a small cart that you love and add it to your room of choice. Whether it be your dining room, living room, or even kitchen – you can find a spot for this anywhere. Top it off with a few glasses, mixing instruments and some of your favorite drinks and you are good to go!

Wine Cellar –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This idea is more of a big change compared to the others but is great for someone who has a large collection! There are many different options for how to incorporate this into your home, based on the style that you like best. Whether you choose to do one like the photo above that is open with visible bottles or something that is more closed off, there are endless options for a wine cellar.