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10 trends that will be huge in 2017

From textured wallpaper to elongated backsplashes, 2017 is set to become a trendsetting year in interior design. Before you finalize your next home design project, check out these 10 eye-catching trends.

1. Pantone Green

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The color of new beginnings and prosperity, a splash of green is the perfect, eye-catching choice. While some may believe that a touch of green is too out of the box for their taste, pantone green’s earthy undertones will make even the most traditional person want to pick up their paint roller.

Ready to take the color to the next step? Try experimenting with navy blue accents for the perfect combo.

2. Marble and Brass – (Matte or Brushed) Brass is Back

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If experts are to be believed, the polished stainless steel trend is on the way out. And what’s set to replace it? None other than the perfectly modern combination of marble and brass. The contrast between the stark white marble and pop of brass will turn any space into an HGTV inspired dream.

3. Statement Rugs

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Your home should always reflect your style, from ceiling to floor. With the perfect statement rug, you can provide an added touch of warmth and texture that is possibly missing from your living space. Whether it’s modern chevron or a classic cut loop, a bold rug offers a distinct sense of stylish comfort.

4. Lacquered Paint on Fireplaces

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Yes, it may seem out of the box, but a lacquered fireplace can turn your boring, everyday room into a vibrant conversation piece. Highly popular in Europe in the 1600s, this trend is now being made new again and can be incorporated into any home space, from minimalist, to contemporary, and everything in between.

5. Textured and Grass Cloth Wall Paper

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Bring the outdoors in – without the mess – with fun textured and grass cloth wall paper. This subtle, yet stylish, design element allows you to add a unique flare to your space. Available in a variety of colors and styles, from woven bamboo to eco-centric grasses, this trend gives you the versatility to update any home space.

6. Hygge Homes

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Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah,’ the word hygge is often described as ‘coziness’ or ‘togetherness.’ Whether it’s sipping a warm cup of tea or enjoying a quiet moment in a soft throw blanket, this popular Danish movement focuses on how you can use your home to create beautiful intimacy in every day moments.

7. Hexagon Tiles Mix of Hardwood Floors

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You’re probably familiar with traditional hardwood floors, but have you considered adding tile to the mix? The contrast of warm woods and modern tiles add an artistic flare to this traditional style. This trend is even better for ‘high traffic’ areas that are more prone to normal wear and tear.

8. Elongated Backsplash

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A beautiful backsplash is one of the most important design elements in any kitchen. But why sell yourself short? Creating an elongated backsplash, that extends from your sink to the ceiling, can make your ceilings look higher and add interest to your traditional kitchen spaces. Even better, a glossy tile also provides you with an opportunity to catch more sunlight, which can help you create an even brighter space.

9. Smart Homes / Sonos

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Making homes ‘smarter’ is a trend that’s been growing in popularity over the last several years. But with today’s technology options, you can create a system that blends in perfectly with your décor. Systems like Sonos, a home sound system, create a network that transforms your house into the perfect spot for entertaining.

10. Fun Powder Room – It’s Not Just Your Pedestal Sink Anymore

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With its spa-like simplicity, homeowners often gravitate towards pedestal sinks when planning a remodel. But in the year ahead, experts predict that homeowners will begin dumping pedestals in favor of more stylish, yet functional, elements. Whether it’s furniture-like cabinetry or small furniture pieces, a fun powder room allows you to create a space that feels like a hotel with the functionality you need for every day use.

Whatever your design aesthetic, trying new design trends like these can help you turn your house into your forever home.